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Nov 11, 2019

World-famous travel writer Paul Theroux joins us again for the continuation of this fascinating discussion. In Part 2, Theroux weighs in on the cult of social media, and how much of the travel posts we see on Instagram are the antithesis of travel writing. How authentic travel writing tries to get at the truth of a...

Nov 11, 2019

Legendary travel writer Paul Theroux joins us this week for a candid, backstage interview delving into his five decades spent traveling the world and writing about it.

He delves into what brought him to traveling and to writing, and how those two things are inexorably linked, at least for him. He remarks on why he...

Nov 7, 2019

Dying to move to Italy? Be forewarned: renting over here is a bit different than it is back home.

On this mini-episode, Tiffany lists some of the oddest and most unexpected aspects of renting an apartment in Italy, and how to navigate the Italian rental market without losing your mind (or getting conned).

Nov 4, 2019

Since moving back to the states from Rome in 2014, Katy has flit around the country, moving from Seattle to New Orleans to San Francisco and back again. A common occurrence in repats who struggle to find their place in the world after living abroad.

Perhaps that's why it's extra shocking that Katy has decided to put...

Oct 31, 2019

In honor of Halloween, today's mini-episode features a snippet from Katy's most controversial NPR story ever recorded.

Listen in to hear an interview that is equal parts, gruesome, disturbing, and adorable.

And let us know what you think about it—is it wrong or just hilarious?