When we launched The Bittersweet Life as an “expat podcast” back in 2014, we assumed to it would conclude at the end of Katy’s year in Rome. Instead, we followed Katy as she moved back home (turns out repat life can be as challenging as expat life), Tiffany as she became a mom and an Italian citizen, and both as they crossed the Atlantic numerous times to visit each other, leaving a bit of their hearts behind each time. This podcast is a journey, so if you’re new to the show, we recommend starting at the beginning. If you’d prefer to jump around, you can also browse episodes by topic here.

Season 1: 2014

Season 4: 2017-2018

Season 7: 2019-2020

Season 2: 2015

Season 5: 2018

Season 8: 2020-2021

Season 3: 2016-2017

Season 6: 2018-2019

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