“A great example of an immersive podcast… excellent storytelling.” The Guardian

“Love, Italian Style” Seattle Magazine

“Still Addicted to Being an Expat? Writer Rashmi Dalai On “The Bittersweet Life” The Wall Street Journal 

“On Being ‘Invisible’: Surekha A. Yadav On ‘The Bittersweet Life’ The Wall Street Journal 

“Divorce, Expat Style: A ‘Bittersweet’ Podcast With Writer Debra Bruno” The Wall Street Journal 

“A variety of life subjects … including difficult topics such as sexual assault.” My Ballard


Audio Interviews & Videos

The Bittersweet Life Live! (VIDEO) Town Hall Seattle

“Dispatch from Italy: Lessons from a coronavirus lockdown” Politico Dispatch (Politico), 

“Living in Lockdown” Today, Explained (Vox)

“Phone Rome” Seattle Now (NPR) 

“Rome with The Bittersweet Life” – A gorgeous documentary by Marty Walker Expat Sandwich

“A Virtual Tour of Rome: Crossover Episode” – Sleep-podcast host Drew Ackerman reinvents an episode of The Bittersweet Life as only he can. Sleep With Me  

“How an 8-Year-Old Girl Became Queen of the Crows” Katy on The Takeaway (NPR) 

“US Expat Tiffany Parks talks about her Decision to Move Abroad” Expat Focus 

The Podcast of the Day: The Bittersweet Life Anchor Radio

Debut Writer Tiffany Parks with Tim Conway Jr. KFI AM 640 

“What It’s Like to be an Expat in Rome” 30 Minute Italian podcast

The Difference between Live Radio and Podcasting: Katy in Rome Yesterday USA Network 

“Former Garrison Keillor colleague feels radio host was unfairly ‘swept up’ in wave of allegations” – Katy interviewed during the #MeToo movement CBC Radio 

Actress Jane Alexander with Katy Sewall (VIDEO) Town Hall Seattle


Writing by Your Hosts

The Pines of Rome – Tiffany’s blog on Rome’s art, history, culture, customs, quirks, and curiosities 

Over 1,000,000 downloads the first day! Katy’s viral article “The girl who gets gifts from birds” BBC News. The story first appeared on Episode 51: CROWS 

Trastevere: Rome’s Medieval Village VoiceMap (audio tour by Tiffany)  

“An Eviction in Ballard” – Best Article of 2016 – Crosscut (discussed on Episode 99: EVICTED)

Articles by Tiffany for Where Rome magazine

Articles by Katy for KUOW Public Radio and Crosscut 

“A Former Expat’s Ode to Rome” The Seattle Globalist  

“Trastevere, Rome: 5 spots to relax and unwind” Italy Beyond the Obvious 



“Adding to my list of must-listens” Girl in Florence 

“It is  like a good dish where you think you can identify the ingredients but they blend together so well… you dare not try.” Geopats 

“A perfect podcast on life in Italy!” MammaPrada

“This podcast… nearest and dearest to my heart. It grabbed me from the first moments of listening.” Smitten Italy

“Really, really love… life abroad but also so many little spin off topics!” Wanted Adventure

“The hosts are incredibly candid… They ALWAYS ask the questions that I want them to ask!” GADGeTeCHINA 

“Super… a lovely expat podcast” Jess On Thames 

“Grateful… It has been very valuable to me” LaCasabloga 

“My absolute favorite podcast… I never get tired of (it)”  The Limonata Lounge  

“(In the) top ten of the expat podcasts.” Lori-Lee Elliott 

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